Bio Videos Drive Corporate Revenues Big Time!

By Benson Fischer

A business or organizations success is typically described with facts and figures, profits, year-to-year growth. However, businesses are as successful as their staff. People need to understand why they should invest in your products or services. With video, your organization can show the world your organizations biggest asset, your staff. A head shot with a text bio on your organization’s website has very little impact. However, there is an 88% increase in a Bio’s viewership when a Video Bio is added. Remember, “seeing is believing” and it could not be more accurate with Video Bio.

A Video Bio showcases the individual’s personality, and it is the best way for your business or organization to share the personality of your staff and give viewers a taste of your overall culture and community feel. These details are critical, but the success of an organization also depends on a more abstract factor: emotional investment.

Video Bios connect people to your brand. Seeing the emotions and expressions of your team members, viewers feel a sense of familiarity and trust in your organization. With that emotional investment, you have more people, both internally and externally, supporting your organization and helping it grow. People retain 95% of a video message, as opposed to just 10% of a written message.

A Video Bio is a way for employees to introduce themselves in a professional context, such as an all-hands meeting, conference, on your website, on social media, or via email. It summarizes their key qualities so viewers can get a better sense of their interests, strengths, and more. Besides connecting internal team members in onboarding, these Bio Videos should also be used by anyone to engage with people outside of your organization and build your brand image.

Video Bios are also a powerful way to humanize your brand. Whether viewers are internal employees or potential leads, watching and listing to a team member—their mannerisms, voice, and more—can help your company feel more relatable, familiar, and authentic.

Video Bios can also be utilized in a “Video Signature” on emails and using a QR code on a company or organizations marketing material can be seen by scanning it on a smart phone. People want to see ad hear who they are dealing with before they engage.

Don’t cut corners when creating Video Bios; it should be professionally produced, not an iPhone video.  The Video Bio should also utilize the organizations branding. Not only with the staff member emotionally connect with the viewers, the organizations branding it will drive viewers to your organization’s website and will ultimately increase brand awareness and revenues.

Here are a few areas where you can expect to find Video Bios in a business context:

Video Bios make your organization feel more approachable and friendly, so more people—both internally and externally—want to support it, and you.

Sharing employee Video Bios with clients and customers builds their confidence in your team and your organizations products and services.

Sharing Video Bios within your team quickly builds rapport, so everyone feels welcome and excited to work together.

If you’re speaking at a conference, share your video bio with attendees beforehand to build hype around your talk and establish familiarity with the audience.

Connect with Customers & Clients

80% of all social media is video. In a world of online activity, businesses today mostly engage with customers virtually rather than in-person. Video Bios are a powerful way to build rapport with customers online. Unlike other mediums, a video captures the emotions and expressions of your team members. With these personal details, Video Bios build customers’ trust and confidence in your company as they get to know more about your employees.

Your sales team, support team, and other team members can distribute Video Bios to connect with their target as they move down the funnel. Your team should use social media ads with employee bio videos to attract targeted leads. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are ideal. Watching and hearing your team member will build viewers’ confidence in your company and push them to click through for more information.

In addition, every organization should have a 2–3-minute introduction video on websites home page. So, when viewers open your organization’s website, they should see an engaging creative video that captures their attention, introduces your organization, and outlines your product services, and capabilities.

A well-planned introduction video on a homepage with real people from your organization will increase the time people spend on your website, increase your conversion rate by upwards of 80%, and move you up the list when searched on Google or other search engines. Also consider expanding your video presence on your organization’s webpage by creating additional videos to increase awareness of other important subjects that will increase your conversion rate and drive-up revenues.

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