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Did you know that 95% of written resumes are never read? Employers believe that Video Resumes are 68% more effective than a written Resume. 90% of employers surveyed said they would watch a Video Resume before reading a written resume.

A Video Resume is an amazingly effective way for employers to see and feel your enthusiasm, positive attitude, and winning personality. With a Video Resume, employers can better appreciate the extra effort you have made to provide an excellent first impression, while accelerating the screening and hiring process.

With the demise of face-to-face job interviews, Video Resumes have become extremely popular and effective. According to a Wall Street Journal survey of more than 2,000 job recruiters, 80% of them believe that Video Resumes are a better way to capture the attention of prospective employers, and their easy marketability saves time and money for both jobseekers and employers.

ZivZo Video Resume can be seen by hundreds of employers in a matter of minutes, increasing the likelihood of finding you that perfect opportunity.

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