How To Write Video Resume Scripts

The overall goal of a Video Resume is to receive job offers, but you will only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a prospective employer or recruiter. So, your script must be brief and impactful.

Video Resumes is the new creative type of resume that allows an employer to get that first impression of you and shows the your enthusiasm, positive attitude, credibility, personality, people skills, personal presentation along with your creativity, and flexibility. Nearly 90% of employers surveyed stated that they would watch a Video Resume while over 95% of written resumes are never read. Therefore, if a picture is worth 1000 words, think of how effective a Video Resume will be.

Video Resumes speeds up the entire screening process for the applicant and an employer can determine very quickly if the candidate is a good fit. They have become extremely popular with the demise of face-to-face job interviews and they are also amazingly effective. Video Resumes provides tremendous flexibility for candidates, by removing the expense and time of travel.

With today’s technology, a Video Resume can be interfaced with an online application simply by adding a link to the application. If the resume is printed on standard stationery a QR code can easily be printed directly on the resume and viewed from the employer’s smartphone.

According to a survey of over 2,000 recruiters, 80% of them believe that Video Resumes are a better way to get an employer’s attention than through a written resume. Employers cannot help to notice the additional effort a candidate has made to provide an excellent first impression from their video which is crucial in determining the right person for the job.

How To Present Yourself In Your Video

The main function of a Video Resume is to introduce yourself to potential employers, make a great impression, and ultimately be offered the position. The video resume is almost like a mix between an interview and a resume application, and you need to embody some features from one and some from the other.

Having confidence, will not only get you more attention, but it will instill a sense of trust from potential employers. You must display a positive and friendly attitude. Whatever you do, relax, smile, and stay upbeat. Look into the teleprompter and keep your head up, have good posture, and speak normaly, and make sure you come across as authoritative. And if you stumble, don’t sweat it, you will have plenty of time to get it right!

How to Write a 60-Second Video Resume Script

A Video Resume script is a little different than the standard Zivzo 60 Second elevator pitch Video. The overall goal of a 60 second ZivZo Video Resume is to get the employer to offer you the position.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That goes double with Video Resume and employers are only willing to give you a few seconds before they decide if you are a fit for the position or not. Therefore, you need to grab their attention right out of the box deliver the message and provide a call to action.

A 60-second ZivZo Video Resume video is typically 150 to 180 words depending on your speech pattern. You do not have to memorize your script word for word because we will put your script on an easy-to-read teleprompter, and you will have ample time to practice before we turn on the camera. You will also have plenty of redo’s if you need them…so relax…it’s going to be a fun experience!

Your Video Resume script should be direct and to the point without long run-on sentences. Short sentences are easy for a viewer to follow. When writing your script, write it the way you normally talk, not how you would write a formal letter. Remember, you want to sound completely natural when the video starts rolling.

After you write your Video Resume script, we strongly suggest that you print it out, tape it to a wall or mirror, and practice reading it. As you read your script, you will want to make changes to the wording of the script so it will sound as though you are having a natural conversation. Don’t be surprised if you change your wording several times.

You will want to change words such as: do not, to don’t or I am to I’m or there is to there’s, you want to sound natural not scripted.

Most importantly, you want to sound natural, not like a monotone want to look and feel as relaxed and natural as possible….so be yourself, smile, relax and have fun. You will have plenty of time to get your video perfect!

Your Video Resume script should have 5 distinctive elements;

(1) The opening introduction of yourself and what you do. You also need to state what kind of job you are looking for. (2) Why you are passionate about the specific field (3) Your experience & accomplishments. (4) Your attributes (but not more than 4 attributes). (5) The conclusion and call to action and/or what you want the employer to do after the video are over.

More detail of the 5 elements of a great Video Resume is below.

1 – Introduction

You can consider introducing a few other aspects of yourself. Some people like to mention their age or where they live. If you are fresh out of school, it is also not a bad idea to briefly introduce your university or your educational background here. You could also, very quickly, mention which companies you have recently worked for, especially if they are well known or seen as powerhouses in your specific industry.

2 – Experience

Talking about your experience on video can be tricky. You can either talk about your experience generally, or the most recent companies you have worked for.

Remember, you have just seconds to express how much experience you have, so whatever you do, avoid listing off all the jobs you have ever had or projects you have completed. If you talk about your experience in general, mention how long you have been in the field and specific technologies or industry-specific skills you are competent with.

If you decide to talk about specific companies you have worked for, only mention the most recent and maybe the one previous, just briefly. State how long you worked for them, your most important accomplishments while you were there, and most importantly, what exactly you learned during your tenure. Be careful not to take too long – when talking about your experience you will be tempted to get more in-depth, but this format doesn’t allow for a lot of that.

3 – Significant Accomplishments

This is separate from your experience section as it gets into specific highlights of your career. It is not a bad idea to mix this in or extend your experience section with stand-alone accomplishments. These could include awards you have won, sales benchmarks reached, or even revenue from films or projects you have worked on.

4 – Significant Accomplishments

You also need to address what about you stand out or is most impressive. Think of this as your resume skills section but less fleshed out. Pick no more than four skills or personal attributes to emphasize. This is where things like specific knowledge of a technology or “soft skills” can shine through. Show some personality for sure, and hint at skills you are mentioning.

A few attributes below:

Fast Learner

Good Communicator

Project orientated
Team builder
Team player

5 – Conclusion/Call to Action

The last mandatory part of your Video Resume script is the conclusion and call to action. This section is short, but it needs to be strong. Make sure you restate or quickly summarize why a company should hire you, but use focused and direct language. If you are narrating, exude confidence, especially in this section. Make sure the concluding part of the video is the most memorable and showcases what you have to offer.

Video Resume Script Example (175 words)

Section 1 – Introduction & Experience

“My name is Robert Harris and I am interested in obtaining a position as a CFO for a growing food service company. I am a Certified Public Accountant with 22 years of hands-on experience in the foodservice industry.”

Section 2 – Your Passion

“I am passionate about building small mom & pop foodservice operations into a regional or national chain and structuring an exit strategy.”

Section 3 – Accomplishments

“I became the CFO for the 4-unit Zingo’s Pizza chain in 2003. I structured their expansion with company-owned and franchise operations. Under my financial design, Zingo’s grew to 234 units. The company was purchased in 2009 by Darden Restaurants for 250 million dollars. After the sale of Zingo’s, I became the CFO of Alice’s Restaurants with 7 restaurants. Over the following 10 years, the company grew to 95 restaurants and was acquired by Yum Brands in 2020 for 108 Million Dollars.“

Section 4 – Attributes

“I am diligent, and a laser-focused team player with a track record of vision and success.”

Section 5 – Closing/Call to Action

“So, if you’re looking for an energetic and passionate CFO with a track record of success, please call contact me as soon as possible.”