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Legacy Video

The very best gift you can give to your family for future generations to know their family ancestors. A Legacy Video is a lot less expensive than putting your name on a building!

Step into the extraordinary realm of legacy video creation, where the power of telling your life story merges with the captivating medium of video, allowing you to weave an enduring narrative for your loved ones.

Three Easy Steps to Create Your Legacy Video


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We will walk you through a successful process, and will help you come up with the best interview plan for you.



We will schedule a time to conduct the interview with you.


Receive your video

After some edits, and refinement procedures, you will receive the final video to download.

The Life & Times Example Video

To imagine better what a lifetime video looks and feels like, meet Gary Curtis Bortnick and witness his remarkable life story. Get more information below, or contact us with your requests or questions. We are happy to help.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Throughout our lives, we have been captivated by tales passed down from generation to generation, painting vivid pictures of our ancestors and their remarkable journeys. However, unlike those who came before us, we now possess a fantastic tool to weave our stories in unprecedented detail: video.
Welcome to ZivZo’s Legacy Videos Services, where we invite you to step into a world of timeless memories, captivating stories, and cherished moments. Our mission is to preserve the rich heritage of your life on video, enabling you to share precious experiences with loved ones and future generations of family members you may never meet.
We understand the profound ability of video to transcend time. It can transport us back to grainy footage of childhood birthday parties, laughter-filled moments captured at family gatherings, or breathtaking scenes from long-awaited vacations. Video holds the extraordinary power to reconnect us with those treasured times.
ZivZo’s Legacy Video Services offers a comprehensive solution to preserve your priceless life experiences and memories for future generations. Our skilled professionals provide a range of customization options, enabling you to add personalized titles, captions, or background music to your videos. These thoughtful additions make your legacy video even more engaging and memorable.
Let the experienced team at ZivZo create your Legacy Video—a testament to your life and the memories you hold dear. We aim to preserve and share your cherished moments, ensuring they remain a source of joy and inspiration for future generations.

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