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ZivZo Business Consulting comes directly from ZivZo’s founder, Benson Fischer. He has decades of entrepreneurial expertise converged to drive your organization’s success.

Benson, also known as Benny, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a remarkable 45-year track record across a spectrum of industries. Benny’s unparalleled journey, marked by triumphs and strategic ingenuity, culminated in the creation of ZivZo—an innovative  agency offers a comprehensive suite of services, from business consulting to marketing, advertising, and video production.


Benson Fischer featured on the cover of Potomoac Lifestyle Magazine, February 2024

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Benny's Odyssey

Benny's Entrepreneurial Odyssey

Benny grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, where his entrepreneurial spirit was cultivated through diverse activities, from selling fireworks and door-to-door pre-selling of children’s pictures for a photographer. His path through Walter Johnson High School, American University, and beyond was a tapestry of experiences, including working in retail, promoting dance parties, and even testing soldiers’ urine in a high-paying Army laboratory.

In 1974, Benny entered the restaurant industry as the marketing director at the renowned D.C. nightclub, “The Plum”. This early restaurant career is marked the genesis of a prolific career, including co-founding the Yummy Yogurt frozen yogurt chain. Benny independently operating dozens successful restaurants such as Café 57, Buffalo Bill’s, Benson’s Italian Kitchen,  Name That Sandwich, to name a few.

Benny’s journey is punctuated by strategic moves, such as acquiring Giffords Ice Cream Company intellectual property bankruptcy auction. He purchased and turned around 10 poorly run Pappa Johns franchise stores in the  Washington, D.C. metro market and selling it back to Pappa Johns Corporate 2 years later.

Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

In the early 1990s, amidst operating several restaurants, he ventured into real estate founding The Fischer Organization—a commercial real estate brokerage firm that orchestrated over 1000 real estate leases and property sales and weathered the 1990 market collapses by providing crucial landlord and tenant work-out services.

The 1990s also saw Benny creating a novelty beer, Redneck Premium Beer, selling 2 million cases throughout the country by successfully utilizing the production and distribution services of Stroh Brewing Company. 

He also utilized his skills by purchasing the creditor debt of the bankrupt Montgomery Donut Company’s that included a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility and 9 retail stores. In only a few months he made the Company profitable, however, Benny’s luck turned when a blizzard destroyed the manufacturing facility. Nonetheless, Benny’s resilience and strategic planning led to a profitable outcome by outsourcing bakery production.

Benny went on to create Coin X Change in 2004, that placed coin counting machines in supermarkets. Within a year, the company processed over $30 million dollars of lose coins through 75 coin counting machines and was subsequently acquired by his main competer,  Constar. 

Following this success, Benny returned to the restaurant business, opening Slice & Dice and Bennys Bar & Grill, both later sold in 2010 and 2015 respectively.

Culmination of Expertise

ZivZo: A Culmination of Expertise

Benny’s journey seamlessly transitioned into business consulting, where his wealth of experience became a guiding light for business owners and executives. This venture expanded into ZivZo, a dynamic agency offering a comprehensive suite of marketing services globally.

Benny’s legacy of resilience, strategic understanding, and relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial success has positioned ZivZo as a trailblazer in business consulting, marketing, advertising, and video production.

Partnering with ZivZo

Partnering with ZivZo means tapping into Benny’s unparalleled wealth of experience. ZivZo’s business consulting services leverage Benny’s strategic mindset to assist your organization in navigating challenges and identifying growth opportunities.

 Whether you’re a local business or a global enterprise, ZivZo under Benny’s visionary leadership is your trusted partner in setting new industry innovation and excellence standards.

As ZivZo evolves and expands its footprint, Benny’s legacy serves as an enduring inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Join us on a journey where passion, perseverance, and strategic expertise converge to propel your business to new heights. At ZivZo, we don’t just consult; we catalyze success.

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