Time To Update Your Website!

By Benson Fischer

 It’s Time To Bring Your Company’s Website Out Of The Dark Ages!

It wasn’t that long ago when the internet was taking hold in the business world, and everyone ran to have a website created for their business or organization. Back then, creating a website was painful, time-consuming, and very expensive. At the end of the day, those websites were loaded with text and a few photos and were not much more than a Yellow Page listing on the World Wide Web.

These old clunker websites are still costing every organization huge maintenance fees every single month while providing little or no effect to the bottom line.  Most of these older websites are not only dated, but extremely limited and typically loaded with text, outdated photos, and contact information that does little or nothing to turn viewers into paying clients/customers.

Sure, you updated your website from time to time, but have you turned that old slow clunker of a website into a well-oiled high-speed money machine? Today’s technology can take your outdated clunker of a website and turn it into a very effective marketing tool that will funnel new customers/clients to your front door, 24/7. It’s time to take that old clunker of a website off the debit side of the accounting ledger and put it on the credit side and make it your best-performing marketing tool!  Use social media and other marketing tools to drive new clients/customers to your website and then into paying clients /customers!

 But, First, It’s Time To Get Your Head Around Today’s State Of Affairs.

Face-to-face meetings are a thing of the past and getting decision-makers on the telephone is next to impossible. Then, you must accept the fact that people do not read anyone and have little or no attention span. And finally, the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 business days are dead and buried. People do business at their convenience, not yours! So, by now you are wondering how can you get your business website up to date and stay ahead of the curve without breaking the bank??  Let’s start with what you already have, your old text-ridden website, and give it a facelift!.

Videos should be a big part of your business revenue-generating process that will engage viewers, reading text will not.

Believe it or not, research has revealed that videos create an emotional and intellectual connection between the presenter and the viewers, and 72% of executives, consumers, and decision-makers would rather watch a video than reading text. 74% of viewers who watch an “explainer video” on a business website to learn about a service or a product, subsequently bought the product or used the service. Companies using video grow revenue 49% faster year over year than businesses without video. Finally, people retain 90% of the information by watching a video over a 15% retention rate when reading text.

Research has also revealed, at a minimum, that your business should have a 2–3-minute introductory video on your website’s home page (above the fold) because it will increase the company conversation rate by 80%.

Other videos describing the company’s mission, its history, successes, and advances, along with services, products offered, and customer testimonials should be sprinkled throughout the website as well.  Use the videos on social media and other digital marketing platforms and use QR Codes linked to the videos and directly to the website homepage in print ads, signs, business cards, stationery, brochures, etc.

 The more videos on your website, the better for all the reasons stated above, AND search engines like Google are attracted to websites with video, and those websites will be 53% more likely to show up on page 1 on the Google page when searched.

In addition, people want to see and hear the company owners, executives, and staff members before they engage. Individual introduction-bio videos of staff placed on their bio pages are 88% more effective than a text bio with a headshot from 10 years ago. Adding video to your business website will have a huge impact and video is the most effective and economical marketing tool available.

Videos Combined With Social Media Marketing Linking Back To The Company Website Is A Proven Strategy.

Your business website videos and the staff introduction-bio videos should be utilized for advertising and marketing on internet business platforms such as Linkedin and social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest to drive new clients and customers to your company or organization.  Imagine the impact of all the company’s website videos together with the company’s staff introduction-bio videos (with the company branding) floating all over social media with a link to funnel viewers back to the website. This strategy is extremely effective and will be seen by thousands of potential clients and customers daily at little or no cost!

Videos combined with Social Media improve your company’s online reputation. Having branded social media videos along with the company staff bio videos with engaging content can make your company appear more reputable in the eyes of potential clients and customers. Sharing your company’s expertise on social media doesn’t just establish you as a thought leader it can also help you attract followers who are interested in hearing your views. People choose a company or organization that can get the results, so showing your expertise through thought leadership is a great way to improve your trustworthiness.

QR-Codes Have Become Mainstream, Extremely Useful, & Connect All The Dots!

Q-Codes have been around for over 20 years and became mainstream during the pandemic. QR-Codes are a great connector that enables websites and videos to be seen when scanned with a smartphone.  This enables anyone with a smartphone to scan the QR-Code on any printed product to connect to a website, a landing page, a specific website page, and videos. QR-Codes can be placed on stationery, business cards, print advertisements, signs, brochures, cars, trucks-just about anything that can be printed on.  

QR-Codes are being used in retail establishments on displays, on all sorts of products, in restaurants instead of menus, and in supermarkets on all sorts of products and displays. The uses for QR-Codes are endless, and videos & websites connected to QR-Codes allow your business to maximize exposure effectively & economically!

Don’t Cut Corners, Hire A Qualified Video Production Company

Anyone with an iPhone can make a video for next to nothing. However, that is not what you are paying for.  You are paying for results and a return on your investment! A qualified video production company knows how to write an engaging and compelling script that will deliver a return on investment and fantastic results. Finding a video production company that provides the ability to write a great script, obtain experienced talent, shoot, edit, add a soundtrack, and add all the bells and whistles to your video is well worth the money.

Don’t cut corners, engage a video production company that has the experience, references, and a track record of success, like ZivZo (ZivZo.com)

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