Tradeshow Operators Love Social Media & Video

By Benson Fischer

Tradeshow Operators Need To Get Ahead Of The Curve!

Every tradeshow operator wants an economical and effective marketing program to drum up interest in every tradeshow and wants to know what the most economical and effective marketing strategy is. Let’s not forget, a tradeshow operator is only as successful as their exhibitors. Tradeshow operators must reach their exhibitor’s target market and deliver traffic to the exhibitor’s booths to be successful!


Research has revealed that businesses utilizing social media marketing combined with video will grow revenue between 23% to 49% faster than businesses that don’t.  As many as 49% of tradeshow operators claim they earn revenue faster when they use social media combined with video.  Thanks to the growing popularity of this medium, 78% of people watch online videos every week. The average person spends 7 hours a day on a computer and 4 of those hours are on a mobile phone.

This is no surprise because over 80% of executives, consumers, and decision-makers would rather watch a video than read text. That’s ideal for tradeshow operators that utilize social media marketing combined with video. Believe it or not: the average person will retain 90% of the information contained in a video while only retaining 10% of the same information when reading text. There is NOTHING more powerful for a tradeshow operator than the 1-2 punch video and social media delivery!

Video and photographs capture attention, whereas text turns viewers away. Video is audio and visual and far more powerful and engaging than photographs, and video is 10 times more powerful when combined with social media marketing. A few posts on Facebook or email blasts to current clients simply are not enough in today’s digital world, To reach as many people as possible and generate the necessary interest to make your tradeshow successful, you have to use multiple platforms and methods of digital outreach several times a day!

Get In Infront Of Your Target Market

Bright, unique visuals that pop will cause people to stop and take notice. Capitalize on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest to post great product shots, sneak peeks, and other teasers of what you plan to feature at the trade show. Following a trade show, exhibitors and clients can continue to use these platforms to begin the interest cycle again for the next year.

Never neglect your trade show calling card! Using hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest can help you keep track of how your message spreads. Properly tracking and using hashtags has been proven to increase engagement among users. Choose a unique but appropriate title for your hashtag and you can easily follow conversation threads to see how it is being used and received.

Hire A Professional Marketing Agency with Video Production Experience

When planning your next trade show budget, make sure to include some extra time and resources for producing videos and marketing on social media. These simple, yet effective, social media and video marketing techniques will help increase traffic, and buzz, when attending your next event.

Do it right! Don’t attempt to produce quality videos and social media programs, hire a professional marketing agency that provides video production and has a track record of success. Remember, anyone can create a video with an iPhone and can create a social media post, however, what you’re paying an agency for is results and a return on investment!

Get Your Website Out Of The Dark Ages!  

At a minimum, your tradeshow website should have a 2–3-minute introductory to your company video on your website’s homepage (above the fold) because it will increase the company conversation rate by 80%. Other videos describing the company’s mission, history, successes, and company advances, along with services, products offered, and exhibitor testimonials should be sprinkled throughout the website as well.

 In today’s world, people will make contact at a higher rate if they can see the real people behind the tradeshow. Video will also humanize the tradeshow executives along with the staff members who directly interact with exhibitors. Search engines are attracted to websites with videos and the more videos, the better because the search engine algorithms will move your listing up the page on Google!

One Minute Of Video Is Worth 1.8 Million Words In Terms Of Customer Impact. No Other Medium Can Reach People Faster, More Effectively, Or More Economically Than Social Media Marketing Combined with Video!

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