Heavy Construction Equipment Sales Dig Video!

By Benson Fischer


Video is an effective way to sell heavy construction equipment because it allows potential buyers to see the equipment in action, understand its capabilities, and visualize how it could be used on their own job sites. Below are a few ways in which video can help sell heavy construction equipment:

Video can be used to showcase the features and benefits of the equipment to potential customers. This can help manufacturers generate interest in their products and increase sales.

After Sales Support

Video is a fantastic tool for manufacturers looking to support their customers after the equipment is sold. By providing training, troubleshooting, maintenance, and marketing resources, manufacturers can help ensure that customers are getting the most out of their equipment and building a strong, long-lasting relationship with the brand. Video also cust down on warranty service calls!

Demonstrating Features & Benefits

A video can show the features and benefits of the equipment in a way that static images or text descriptions cannot. For example, a video could show the precision and speed of a bulldozer as it moves dirt and rocks on a job site, or the versatility and reach of an excavator as it digs and lifts materials.

Building Trust & Credibility

Seeing the equipment in action can help potential buyers feel more confident in their purchasing decision. They can see that the equipment works as advertised and get a sense of its quality and durability.

Telling A Story

A well-produced video can tell a story about the equipment and the company that sells it. For example, the video could showcase the company’s commitment to safety, innovation, or customer service. This can help potential buyers connect with the brand and feel good about their decision to buy from that company.

Reaching A Wider Audience

Video can be easily shared on social media, websites, and other online platforms, which can help reach a wider audience of potential buyers. It can also be used in trade shows, presentations, and other sales situations to help educate and persuade potential buyers. Overall, video can be a powerful tool in the heavy construction equipment sales process. By showing the equipment in action and telling a compelling story, video can help build trust, educate potential buyers, and ultimately lead to more sales.

Videos Are A Powerful Tool For Manufacturers After The Sale!


 Videos can be used to provide training to customers on how to operate and maintain the equipment they purchased. This can be especially helpful for complex equipment or systems that require specialized knowledge to operate. By providing training videos, manufacturers can help ensure that customers are using the equipment correctly and getting the most value out of their investment.


When customers encounter problems with their equipment, they may not always be able to reach a support technician immediately. Videos can be created to address common issues and provide step-by-step instructions on how to resolve them. This can help customers quickly resolve issues on their own, reducing downtime and improving overall satisfaction.

Upgrades and Maintenance

Videos can also be used to provide customers with instructions on how to upgrade or maintain their equipment. This can include everything from replacing parts to performing routine maintenance tasks. By providing these resources, manufacturers can help ensure that customers are taking proper care of their equipment and extending its lifespan.

Video Brochures Are The Very Best Marketing Tool On The Plant For Heavy Construction Equipment Sales & After Sales Support!

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Every Manufacturer’s Best Instructional Tool

Manufacturers are also shipping Video Brochures with new equipment to guide customers on how to set up the equipment, best practices, operational demonstrations, and maintenance, which greatly reduces warranty service calls and time dealing with customer calls. 

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