Auctioneers Benefit From Video Marketing!

By Benson Fischer


How Effective Is Video Advertising for Auctioneers?” Auctioneers need to devise their video marketing strategy to appeal to the public. Indeed, 92% of Auctioneers even say video is integral to their marketing strategy. The average person spends 7 hours a day on a computer, with 4 of those hours on a mobile phone. If they come across your video, you can expect increased conversion rates and more shares, provided it strikes a chord with them.

They are wondering why video advertising works for Auctioneers. Video advertising is effective because it relies on two successful things catching our attention: movement and sound. Both help Auctioneers send a clear message to their target audience. In contrast, the text uses carefully selected words, punctuation, and sometimes visual cues like emojis to set a tone. However, as humans have short attention spans, texts often can’t assist you in achieving your marketing objectives as much as videos can.

The main reason for this is that 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. Therefore, our brain loves and reacts better to video because it remembers visual content more than a page filled with words. The average person retains 95% of a message when they watch it in a video. Compare this to only 10% we remember when reading something, and it will be obvious why we say visuals are better. So, if you want to engage your audience and ensure they don’t forget your brand, you can include text, music, links, and photographs in your videos. No other marketing tool offers this ability. Thus, it’s safe to say that video is the king of content marketing. Not only that, but we can also conclude that visuals are the key to success in today’s market. Video advertising works for Auctioneers!

The fact is consumers love how versatile this marketing medium is. In other words, it’s creative, informative, and visual. A triple threat, really! On their part, Auctioneers love how effective it is. However, we’re here to persuade you if you’re not convinced. Let’s look at the benefits video can bring to your business.

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Builds Trust:  

The number one factor in obtaining a new Auction client is trust. If the potential client does not trust you, forget about it! Research has revealed that video creates an emotional and intellectual connection between the presenter and the viewer, i.e., trust! Video allows an Auctioneer to connect with a potential client long before meeting them. Potential clients want to see and hear the Auctioneer they may be engaging before they will ever sign an Auction agreement.

Increased Reach:

Video marketing allows Auctioneers to reach a wider audience, as videos can be shared on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. This means more potential buyers can see the items up for auction, resulting in more bids and a higher chance of making a sale.

Enhanced Engagement:

Videos can help Auctioneers engage with potential buyers more meaningfully. Video content can showcase the items for auction in detail, highlight their unique features, and even show the article in action. Videos will help create an emotional connection with the buyers, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

Improved Transparency:

Videos can provide a more transparent view of the items up for auction, which can help build trust with buyers. With a video, buyers can see the item’s condition, defects, and how it works. This will help eliminate buyers’ doubts or concerns, resulting in a higher chance of a successful sale.

Increased Brand Awareness:

Auctioneers can increase their brand awareness and reputation by creating and sharing videos. Video will help them stand out in a crowded market and attract more buyers to their auctions. Overall, video and video marketing can be powerful tools for Auctioneers to reach more potential buyers, increase engagement, build trust, and boost their brand’s reputation.

Video Brochures;

Video brochures are marketing collateral that includes a printed booklet with a built-in video screen that plays a video when opened. Auctioneers can benefit from video brochures in several ways:


Video brochures are attention-grabbing and can make a lasting impression on potential buyers. Combining printed content and video can provide a unique and engaging experience that traditional marketing collateral may not offer.

Showcasing Auction Items:

Corporate video brochure

Video brochures can showcase auction items in a visually compelling way. The video can demonstrate the item’s unique features, highlight its condition, and provide a closer look at the item than what a printed brochure can offer.


Video brochures are portable and easy to distribute. Auctioneers can hand them out at trade shows and events or mail them to potential buyers. The recipient can watch the video(s) at their convenience and learn more about the auction items.

Increased Engagement:

Video brochures can increase engagement with potential buyers. Videos can create an emotional connection with the viewer, making it more likely that they will remember the auction and consider bidding on items.


Video Brochures can be customized to suit the needs of the auction. Auctioneers can create videos for different auction items or highlight various aspects of the auction. This flexibility allows Auctioneers to tailor their marketing efforts to the specific needs of each auction.

Video brochures are a valuable marketing tool for Auctioneers to showcase auction items, increase engagement, and create a lasting impression on potential buyers.