About Us

ZivZo is a full-service marketing, advertising & video production agency that is is much different from most agencies offering marketing, advertising and video production services. We take the time to learn as much as we can about your organization, because the more we know about your organization, the better we are equipted to reach your marketing goals!

The staff at ZivZo thinks outside of the box and diligently crafts all marketing & advertising and video production programs specifically for each client. Our professional staff of graphic designers, marketing & advertising directors, videographers, photographers, editors, and scriptwriters are all professionals with decades of experience.

We know that no two clients are alike. We customize each video and marketing plan to create the ideal solution for independent contractors, sales teams, internet sellers, non-profits, community, government, religious and political organizations, working professionals, fundraisers, and job seekers—virtually, anyone who needs a voice!

We design each client’s overall marketing plan to reach their desired target market at the lowest possible price that will have the most impact and deliver spectacular results. We shoot video and provide photography services in our studio in Rockville, MD, and on-location anyware in the wrold!

Benson J. Fischer

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Benson (Benny) Fischer is the founder and President of ZivZo Marketing, Advertising & Video Production Agency. 

He was a pioneer in video marketing since the early 1980s. Benson combines his creative vision and innate talent for implementing successful marketing and advertising programs that produce strong and sustainable market positions. ZivZo has a track record of delivering spectacular results and value for its clients.

Benson orchestrates the ZivZo team to create specular marketing plans and videos of all natures that utilize unique video marketing products while promoting and marketing the videos through digital and traditional methods.

ZivZo has successfully provided marketing, advertising and video production services for individuals, job seekers, small and large operating businesses, service businesses, working professionals, political organizations, medical professionals, fundraising events, and anyone who needs a voice.

ZivZo clients receive the added benefit of Benson’s extensive business background.  Benson has been on both sides of the table throughout his career.  He fully understands clients’ marketing, advertising and video production needs and their points of view and goals.  He stays aheard of the curve in the ever changing marketing landscape.

Over the past 35 years, Benson has owned, designed, constructed, operated, and marketed over 50 restaurants. He has created food and beverage products and the package designs  that were manufactured and distributed throughout the United States. In addition, Benson has an extensive background in commercial and residential real estate and has been a Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer for 35 years in Maryland, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, and Virginia.

Feel Free to contact Benson directly.

Office – (833) 948-9663 x 700

Direct – (301) 801-5476