Video Marketing for Homebuilders

By Benson Fischer

Do You Want To Grow Your Custom Home Building Business?

Video marketing is your biggest opportunity to grow your custom home building band because video is the most effective and most economical marketing tool any custom homebuilder can have today. If you’re a custom home builder and you’re not using video, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee…because your competitors are!

Homebuilders using video marketing grow their business 29% to 49% faster than home builders not using video. Video marketing is an extremely powerful way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your customers and prospects.

The Trust Factor  

Your potential home buyers are about to make a huge investment in their dream home, and they need to know that they can trust you, their potential custom homebuilder to deliver that dream. In today’s world, people want to see and hear you before they can feel that they can trust you before they engage. Research has revealed that video humanizes a presenter and video creates an emotional and intellectual connection between the presenter and the viewer.  In addition, 73% of people who viewed a video while researching a custom homebuilder say that videos help them learn more about the builder they were considering. Of those people, 42% of them engaged the custom home builder because of their video.

Your Website  

You may feel your homebuilder website already provides enough information for homebuyers to make an informed decision with photos, interactive floorplans, lot maps, and amenities, elevation renderings, and more. However, your website does not deliver the most important aspect of custom home building which is the trust factor.

At a minimum, your website should have a company introduction video (2 to 3 minutes) placed on the homepage of your website (above the fold) because it will engage potential customers and increase the conversion rate by 80%. The company introduction video should contain the bios of owners, construction managers, and other staff members that engage directly with customers to make the customers feel that they can put their trust in you and your company.  In addition, the company introduction video should contain the company history, successes, company advances, custom services offered along with customer testimonials. Other videos about the company, company projects, and testimonials should be sprinkled throughout the website.

Video it makes it easy to provide additional information homebuyers are looking for. It allows you to become a trusted expert and address common questions, explain the benefits of your company or buying new construction over existing homes, and make a connection with homebuyers so they feel like they already know you before they meet you.

Videos Combined With Social Media Marketing Is A Proven Strategy.

Your company website videos should be utilized for advertising and marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to drive new clients and customers to your company or organization.  Imagine the impact of all the company’s website videos floating all over social media with a link to funnel viewers back to the website. This strategy is extremely effective and will be seen by thousands of potential homebuyers daily at little or no cost!

Videos combined with Social Media improve your company’s online reputation. Having branded social media videos about your custom home-building company with engaging content can make your company appear more reputable in the eyes of potential homebuyers. Sharing your company’s expertise on social media does not just establish you as a thought leader it can also help you attract followers who are interested in hearing your views. People choose a company or organization that can get the results, so showing your expertise through thought leadership is a great way to improve your trustworthiness.

QR-Codes have become mainstream, extremely useful, and connect all the dots!

Q-Codes have been around for over 20 years and became mainstream during the pandemic. QR-Codes are a great connector that enables websites and videos to be seen when scanned with a smartphone.  This enables anyone with a smartphone to scan the QR-Code on any printed product to connect to a website, video, or landing page. QR-Codes can be placed on stationery, business cards, print advertisements, signs, brochures, cars, trucks-just about anything printed. 

Don’t Cut Corners, Hire A Qualified Video Production Company

Anyone with an iPhone can make a video for next to nothing. However, that is not what you are paying for.  You are paying for results and a return on your investment! A qualified video production company knows how to write an engaging and compelling script that will deliver a return on investment and fantastic results. Finding a video production company that provides the ability to write a great script, obtain experienced talent, shoot, edit, add a soundtrack, and add all the bells and whistles to your video is well worth the money.

 Simply put, videos drive sales!

80% of all consumer Internet traffic is video.

400% increase in inquires for Real Restate when using video

79% of executives & consumers would rather watch a video than reading text.

59% increase in professional services when a video is utilized.

49% faster year-over-year growth rate for businesses using video over those without video.

77% of business owners that use video marketing realize a direct impact on their business.

74% of people who watched a product video bought it.

80% increase in conversion rate when a video is added to a landing page.

41% more web traffic is generated from a video on the home page.

300% increase in click-through rate when videos are emailed to potential customers.

157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

64% of users are likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

144% increase in purchases by product sellers using videos.

80% of users remember a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

22% increase in engagements when a video is combined w/ a full-page advertisement.

Don’t cut corners, engage a video production company that has the experience, references, and a track record of success, like ZivZo (

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